Whats in this Article?

This article provides you with some flow Samples of how to Sync Streamboxy data to Salesforce.

This are sample flows to demonstrate the concept of automating Salesforce from Streamboxy. 

In order to keep them simple production relevant features like sophisticated error handling etc. are left out.

If you create your own flow for production use, you need to extend and adjust this sample according to your needs.

If you are new to the topic, we suggesst to read the Streamboxy Salesforce Integration - Overview article first.

Prerequisites for this samples

The following prerequisites must be met in order to start with the integration

  1. Existing Salesforce environment
  2. A STREAMBOXY Tenant with valid Subscription
  3. Salesforce must be connected to Streamboxy
  4. Streamboxy data sync to Salesforce must be configured

Flow Samples

Create a Salesforce Campaign when a Streamboxy Event was Created

This Sampl flow runs always when a New Event in Streamboxy was created and creates a Salesforce Campaign for each event.

The Flow will look as following once finished:

Step 1: Go to Setup in Salesforce --> Flows and create a New Flow

Step 2: Select Platform Event - Triggered Flow and click "Create"

Step3: Click on Choose Platform Event, select "Streamboxy Event Created or Updated" and click "Done"

Step 4: Add a new Action of type "Get Records"

Step 5: Configure the New Action to Search Campaigns for an existing Campaign that starts with the Streamboxy Event Id

Step 6: Add a new decision element below

Step 7: Configure the Decision to check if the Campaign already exists

Step 8: add a "Create Records" Element in the "No Campaign Found" path

Step 9: Map the Fields of the Streamboxy Platform Event to the Salesforce Campaign:

Step 10: Activate the flow

Step 11: Test the flow

Create a Streamboxy Event:

Check if the Event is present as Salesforce Campaign: