Whats in this article?

There is a multitude of options to integrate, extend and customize STREAMBOXY. This article provides you with an overview depending on your use case and points you to the right direction.

Use Cases

Change the Look & Feel of STREAMBOXY: Branding

You can change the appearance like Colors, Fonts, Favicon, Logo, Header, Mail templates etc. 

More Information can be found in this articles:

Store Additional Data related to Events, Sessions and Users: Custom Properties

Custom Properties allow you to add your add additional Data related to Events, Sessions and Users.

You can manage custom properties and use them through the API or Backstage UI.

Example Use Cases are:

  • categorization of Sessions into Tracks
  • marc Sessions to be published in a public portal 
  • gather additional Data for users like interests during sing up

More information can be found in this articles:

Automate & Integrate STREAMBOXY: Public API

The Public API allows you to automate and integrate other Systems. 

Example Use Cases are:

  • automatic Event creation
  • automatic User registration and access link generation
  • integration of your CRM or Event-Marketing Automation Tool
  • custom attendee management with on the fly user creation

Read the Introduction Article of the STREAMBOXY Public API to get started.

Hand Over STREAMBOXY Context to Embedded HTML Pages: URL Placeholder

If you want to use an interactive tool, which needs to receive certain session or user data, as a content page or a poster in your session, you can define placeholders for this parameters and the parameters will be automatically set while opening the URL.

Placeholder can be used where external HTML pages can be embedded in STREAMBOXY (Session Posters, Content Pages, Custom Session tools or External Navigation Elements).

Example use Cases are:

  • Personalized Session Waiting Screens with the User & Session Name
  • Pre filled Feedback Forms with user context

Read the URL Placeholder Article to get started.

Add your own Features to STREAMBOXY: AddIns

AddIns are external hosted web applications or pages that add specific functionalities to the STREAMBOXY platform. 

AddIns are built on placeholder and you can integrate them into your events and create custom attendee experiences.

To your users these AddIns behave like standard features of STREAMBOXY.

Example use cases are:

  • Custom & 1:1 Session Scheduler
  • Video on Demand Libraries
  • Speaker & Attendee Directories
  • Custom Product Infos & Shop once the Session is over
  • Contact and Feedback Forms
  • Custom Agenda
  • Quizes & Tests
  • Download Areas
  • Digital Breakout Rooms

Read the Introduction Article to AddIns to get started.

Trigger other Systems based on STREAMBOXY Actions: Web Hooks [On Roadmap]

An upcoming STREAMBOXY Feature are Web Hooks. They can be used to initiate actions in other system based on certain events like:

  • Attendee Signed Up
  • Event / Session Started
  • Event / Session Ended
  • Attendee Joined
  • Attendee Left
  • Event Created

This article will be updated once Web Hooks are ready. Meanwhile you can poll the REST API and act on changes to achieve a similar behaviour.