What are external Tools?

STREAMBOXY can integrate external tools into the platform to make events more interactive. 

Examples of external tools that can be integrated in STREAMBOXY:

  • Mentimeter (Polls)
  • Typeforms (Surveys)
  • Miro Whiteboards
  • Shops
  • Custom Developed Solutions

Documentation for Speakers and Organizers

You are in the documentation for PARTICIPANTS, therefore Speaker and Organizer features are not described here.

  • You will find the complete speaker documentation here.
  • You will find the complete organizer documentation here.

How to open external Tools?

The icons for external tools are set up by the administrator of the session in the backstage and are visible for you on the left navigation bar.

With a mouseover effect over the icon the name or the functionality, etc. of the tool is visible for you.

Clicking on the corresponding icon opens and closes the external tool panel. 


Formats of external Tools

The tool can appear either as a panel, in full screen mode or in an extra window

This predefined by the admin of the session and cannot be influenced by the participants.

Example for Panel: Menitmeter

Example for panel

Example for Full Screen Mode: Miro Whiteboards

Example for Full screen mode

Example for extra window: PowerPoint presentation in PDF format

Example for extra window powerpoint

Mobile View

When using the mobile view, there is no difference between the panel sizes due to screen size

.Mobile version for powerpoint Mobile Version for Mentimeter Mobile version Whiteboard

Further Reading

More information and detailed description of the participant interface can be found here