What is the Q&A Feature?

The Q&A feature allows you to conduct moderated question rounds during your event.

Attendees are able to up or downvote questions or ask anonymously.

As a speaker you have extended control capabilities like disabling the Q&A, moderation of questions etc. 

These features are described here.

Documentation for Participants & Organizers

You are in the documentation for speakers, therefore participant features aren't described here.

  • You will find the complete participant documentation here.
  • You will find the complete organizer documentation here.

Where do I find the Q&A?

The Q&A icon is located on the right or left navigation bar, depending on how the administrator of the session configures it. The Q&A feature can be enabled by the admin in the main room (lobby) or in individual breakout rooms.

Speaker Features

Open & Close the Q&A Panel for all attendees

After clicking the three dots next to the Q&A heading, a panel option menu opens.

Here you can open and close the Q&A Panel for everyone.

Additionally to that you are able to open the Q&A Panel in a new window.


Managing Questions

Once you clicked on the three dots next to a single question, you'll see a menu which offers you the following options.


Delete Questions

You can delete questions individually. These will then no longer be visible for anyone and cannot be restored.

Answer Questions

Besides answering your questions directly in the video you can directly reply to questions via text. The message field that opens for your text and emojis is indented below the respective question. Just as with questions, you can also react to answers and take action (delete answer, reply). 

Write your text or emojis in the message box that opens ("Reply to this question..."), which is indented below the respective question.

You can also reply further to answers.

Mark Question as answered

You can mark "open" Questions as answered and move them to the answered questions tab

If you switch to the "Answered questions" tab, you can mark questions from it as "Open" again. The question will then be moved back to the open questions.

Show & Hide Questions

If your Q&A is in moderated mode, you can also show or hide a Question for all participants.

Q&A Settings

Moderate Q&A

By clicking on "Moderate Q&A", you can change to the moderated Q&A mode.

From this point on no attendee questions will be directly published. They need to be approved and aublished by you as the speaker or the administrator first. As a speaker, you can respond to questions even if they have not yet been published and then release them together.

By clicking on the three dots at the upper right corner of the question, you now have tho addtional option to publish the question.

If you want to exit the moderated mode, you can change to "Don not moderate Q&A" in the Q&A settings.




Allow anonymous questions

Normally, the name of a questions author is visible right at the question, but you are able to enable anonymous questions the the Q&A settings.

From thios point on the "Send Anonymously switch appears unde the question input box. If it's enabled the message will not show the authors name.

After clicking on "Disable anonymous questions", in the Q&A Settings, the switch disappears again.

Disable and re enable Q&A for attendees

You can disable and re enable the Q&A for attendees at any point in time during the session.

If the Q&A is disabled no attendee can submit questions

Delete Question History

You can delete the entire Question history, after that the questions are no longer visible to anyone nor can this action be undone.

Export Q&A

You can export the Q&A history as an Excel document at any time. The time, the author, the text and the votes of the message are written in a table as well as the evaluation whether the question was marked as "answered" and "accepted" by the moderator.

Example Excel Q&A-Export:

Mobile View
Within the mobile view you can find the Q&A icon on the bottom menu bar.

More information

More information and descriptions of the user interface for speakers can be found here.