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This article describes STREAMBOXY's Q&A feature and what speakers can do in relation to Q&A.

The following content is included in this article: 

  • What is the Q&A?
  • Sorting the questions
  • Speaker functions Q&A
    • Open and close Q&A panel
    • Actions - Manage Questions
    • Q&A Settings
  • Mobile view
  • More information

Support articles for Participants & Organizers

You are in the documentation for SPEAKERS, therefore participant features aren't described here.

  • You will find the complete participant documentation here.
  • You will find the complete organizer documentation here.

What is the Q&A?

With the help of the Q&A function, you as a speaker or moderator have the possibility to hold moderated question rounds during the session.

Participants can vote questions up and down and ask them anonymously.

As a presenter, you have extended control options such as releasing the Q&A, moderating questions, etc. These functions are described below.

Sorting the questions 

Questions can be sorted according to two different parameters ("Popular" and "Recent"). 


The questions are displayed according to popularity, i.e. according to the number of votes of the participants (see section below). The most popular questions, i.e. those with the most up-votes, are ranked and displayed at the top. 



The questions are displayed in chronological order. The most recently added questions are displayed at the top.

Please note that pinned questions (see section below) are always displayed at the top, regardless of the sorting parameters.

Here the sorting "Popular" is selected. According to this, Klaus Schmidt's question should be at the top with 3 up-votes. However, Franke Zäuner's question (with only 1 up-vote) is at the very top of the Q&A, because this question is pinned (see pin).

Speaker Features

Open & Close the Q&A Panel for all participants

After clicking the three dots next to the Q&A heading, a panel option menu opens.

Here you can open and close the Q&A Panel for everyone.


Open the Q&A Panel in a extra window

After clicking the three dots next to the Q&A heading, a panel option menu opens.

Here you are able to open the Q&A Panel in a new window.

Actions - Managing questions

By clicking on the three dots in the corresponding question, you have the possibility to perform the following actions.

Delete Questions

You can delete questions individually. These will then no longer be visible for anyone and cannot be restored.

Answer Questions

Besides answering your questions directly in the video you can directly answer to questions via text. The message field that opens for your text and emojis is indented below the respective question. Just as with questions, you can also react to answers and take action (delete answer, reply). 

Write your text or emojis in the message box that opens ("Reply to this question..."), which is indented below the respective question.

You can also reply further to answers.

Pin question

As a speaker or "moderator" of the Q&A, you can pin questions so that these question(s) are then visible at the top of the Q&A history and remain there, even if new questions are added. To do this, click on "Pin question" at the actions.

When a question is pinned, it is displayed at the top of the Q&A history, regardless of creation time or upvoting, and is marked with a pin.

If the moderator performs this action, for example, he or she can signal to you as the presenter which question is particularly important or which should be answered next. 

To unpin a question, you or the moderator simply click on the 3 dots in the question field again and click on "Unpin question". 

The question will then be reordered chronologically according to its votes and the time it was created.

Mark Question as answered

You can mark "open" Questions as answered and move them to the answered questions tab

If you switch to the "Answered questions" tab, you can mark questions from it as "Open" again. The question will then be moved back to the open questions.

As the speaker, you will then see at the bottom of the Q&A history that the question has been moved. 

This "moved question" is now in the "Answered Questions" tab. 

All other questions are still in the tab "Open Questions". 

Questions that have not yet been published are, after they have been marked as "answered", then visible to all participants in the "Answered questions" tab, i.e. "published".

To move an answered question back to the open questions, click on "Mark question as unanswered". This can be helpful, for example, if the question has not been answered completely or should be repeated for new participants. 

Q&A Settings

Moderate Q&A

The Q&A settings can be accessed by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner. Here there are There are various setting options in the categories "Q&A", "Participant Messaging" and "Moderation".



Moderate Q&A

By clicking on the "Moderate Q&A" menu item, you can switch to moderated mode. 

From this moment on, no more questions from participants will be published directly, but must be released by a speaker or moderator. 

Questions that are running under moderation and have not yet been published can then be seen by you as the moderator under "Hidden Questions". Participants are shown that their question has not yet been published by the moderator.

Published questions are marked with an eye symbol. Questions to be released (not yet published) are marked with a crossed-out eye.

Actions for hidden questions 

As with published questions, you have various actions for questions to be released. 

  • Delete question
    You can delete in unpublished status.

  • Answer question
    As a speaker, you can answer questions even if they are not yet published and then release them in One at the same time.

  • Pin question
    You can pin the question. This keeps the pinned question pinned at the top of the questions to be released.

  • Publish question
    Clicking on "Publish question" will make the question visible in the Q&A history for all participants to answer and respond to. You can then "hide" the question again at any time.

  • Mark question as answered
    You can also mark questions to be released as "answered". The question to be released will then also be moved to the "Answered questions" tab.

If you want to stop moderating the Q&A, click on "Do not moderate Q&A" in the settings.

Allow anonymous questions

Normally, the name of the author of a question is visible. 

However, you can also allow anonymous questions in the Q&A settings.

From this point on, the option "Send anonymously" appears under the input box for questions. If this is activated, the name of the questioner is not displayed.


Anonymous questions can also be blocked again.

Participant settings

Show and Hide answered questions

By default, all questions are divided into 2 categories, between which you can switch by pressing the buttons at the bottom of the panel: 

- "Open Questions"

- "Answered Questions"

You can customize the display of questions that have already been answered. By activating the "Hide answered questions" feature, only questions that remain unanswered will be displayed. 

Answered Questions will be automatically hidden. The buttons at the bottom of the panel "Open Questions" and "Answered Questions" are replaced by "Your Questions" in this case. 

If you wish to return to viewing all questions, including those answered, simply select the "Show answered questions" option, which restores the interface to its original settings.

Enable and Disable Q&A for Participants

You can disable the Q&A for participants at any time during your session so that they can no longer write questions in the message field. 

If the Q&A is disabled for participants, you will see this at the bottom of the Q&A panel ("Sending questions is currently disabled for participants").

If you want to enable questions for participants again, click on "Enable Q&A for participants" in the settings.

Enable and disable Voting


If you disable the voting for participants, participants can no longer vote questions up or down (function see above in the article). Voting is hidden from participants but not from the speaker



Moreover, when voting is disabled, it is no longer possible to switch between the "Popular" and "Recent" tabs, which sort posts by popularity and by time of posting, respectively.

The tabs will be disabled, and all questions will be sorted by time of posting.


This behavior can also be disabled by clicking on on "Enable Voting" option, once again allowing participants to vote on questions and sorting them into 2 categories.


Delete Q&A History

You can delete the entire Question history, after that the questions are no longer visible to anyone nor can this action be undone.

Export Q&A

You can export the Q&A history as an Excel document at any time. The time, the author, the text and the votes of the message are written in a table as well as the evaluation whether the question was marked as "answered" and "accepted" by the moderator.

Example Excel Q&A-Export:

Mobile view

In mobile view, you will find the Q&A in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.


More information

More information and descriptions of the user interface for speakers can be found here.