What is the chat?

With the help of the chat, you can communicate with other participants during a session.

As an organizer, you have extended control options in Backstage. These are described here.

Documentation for Participants and Speakers

You are in the documentation of the ORGANIZER chat features.

  • The documentation of the Participant Chat Features can be found here.
  • The documentation of the Speakers Chat Features can be found here.

Configuration Chat

In the settings, you as the organizer have the option of configuring the chat for your events and individual breakout sessions.

In Backstage, click on "Edit Event" and select "Main session settings" in the navigation bar that opens.

Here you configure the lobby area of the session, i.e. session type and interaction options.

Under the item "Interaction", you can configure the chat. 

Enable chat

By ticking "Chat enabled", you enable the chat in the lobby area of your event and then have further setting options in the backstage.

If you disable the chat in the backstage, these further settings remain hidden.

Open chat on start automatically

You can then decide whether the chat window should be automatically opened at the start (i.e. when entering the lobby).

If you do not tick the box, the chat window will remain folded in for the time being and must be opened by the participants themselves by clicking on the chat symbol.

Example of unfolded chat in the Stage (right):  

Example of collapsed chat in the Stage (right): 

Position of chat

You can set in Backstage whether the chat in the stage is to be found in the left or right navigation bar and the panel is to be folded out on that side.

Example of chat placed on the left: 

Example of chat placed on the right: 


Configuring chat in (breakout) sessions

The chat function can be configured not only in the main session (lobby), but also in the individual agenda items/sessions.

To activate the chat function in a (breakout) session, click on "Agenda and Sessions" in the navigation bar in the backstage to create and edit agenda points.

To enable the chat in an agenda item, click on the "pencil icon" (edit) next to the agenda item.

This opens the "Edit agenda item" window. If you have created the agenda item as a session (livestream, conference or content page), the session type, the permissions for participants and the interaction settings for this respective agenda item can be set here again individually.

Under the item "Interaction" you can - as before in the lobby - activate, automatically set and position the chat.