What is the Streamboxy Chat?

Using the Chat feature you are able to communicate with other participants during a Session using text messages.

Documentation for Speaker and Organizers

You are in the documentation for PARTICIPANTS, therefore speaker features are not described here.

  • You will find the speaker documentation here.
  • You will find the orgnaizer documentation here.

How do I open the Chat?

The chat icon (speech bubbles) is located on the right or left navigation bar, depending on your administrators configuration. 


The chat panel opens either automatically when you enter the room or only when you independently click on the chat icon on the side. 

This is also configured by the admin. The chat panel can be closed again independently by clicking on the chat icon or on the cross on the panel.

Why can't I see the chat?

A chat can be enabled by the admin in the main room (lobby) or in individual breakout rooms (this happens in the backstage).

If you cannot find the chat, it is not enabled or the Session is not open yet.

How to use the chat?

Sending Messages
Every participant who is enabled for the chat can compose messages. To do this, write your message in the "Write a message..." field and send it by pressing the arrow key in the message field.

Sending Emojis

In addition to composing texts, emojis can be sent along. These are located below the text field.

Reactions and Actions

By clicking on the three dots next to the message, a pop-up appears with various reaction ("Like", "Dislike", "Laugh", "Sad") and action options ("Delete message", "Reply").

Note: Please be aware that you as a participant can only delete your own messages.

Reacting on Messages

You can "show" four different "reactions" ("Like", "Dislike", "Laugh", "Sad").

The reaction can then be seen to the left of the three dots. The number next to the reaction indicates the number of reactions that have been made to this message.

Deleting Messages

The action "Delete message" is only possible for your own messages. Your own messages are the messages centered on the right side of the chat panel. After deletion, your message disappears for all participants and cannot be restored.

The speaker can delete messages from anyone.

Replying to messages

You can reply to any message in the chat by clicking on "Reply" in the actions.

Write your text or emojis in the message field that opens ("Reply to this message..."), which is indented below the respective question.

Emojis, reactions and actions (delete message, reply) are also possible in the replies.

Mobile View

Within the mobile view you can find the Chat synbol on the bottom menu bar.

Further Reading

More information and detailed description of the participant interface can be found here