What is the STREAMBOXY Chat?

Using the Chat feature you are able to communicate with other participants during a Session using text messages.

As Speaker / Organizer you have extended Moderation features compared to a participant. These are described in the following article.

Documentation for Speaker and Organizers

You are in the documentation for SPEAKERS, therefore the participant features are not described in here.

  • You will find the complete participant documentation here.
  • You will find he complete organizer documentation here.

You can find detailed information about the different roles of STREAMBOXY here.

Speaker Features

As a speaker, you have the following options for action in addition to the functions for participants:

Deleting any Messages

As a speaker you can delete messages from any person by clicking on "Delete message" below the reactions opening when clicking on the three dots of the respective message. After deletion, your message disappears for all participants. 

Your own messages are the messages centered on the right side of the chat panel. 

Chat Settings

Unlike the participants, you as the instructor have access to the chat settings, which open as a window when you click on the cog to the right of the emojis. 

Here you have further options for action.

Participants may send messages to:

1. None

If the "None" option is selected, the chat is locked for participants. Participants can thus follow the chat history, but cannot write their own messages or reply to messages. However, reactions are possible.

Display in Participant Chat Panel:

Display in Speaker Chat Panel:

2. Speakers only

If "Speakers only" is selected, participants can only send messages to instructors.

3. Speakers or All

If "Speakers or All" is selected, participants can decide independently whether to send messages to all participants or only to instructors.

You yourself, as a speaker, can always decide independently whether you want to reach all participants in the chat or only the (other) speakers. You set this via the drop-down field, here you choose between "All" and "Speakers only  ".

"All" is selected by default.


Delete chat history

You can delete the chat for all participants, it will no longer be visible and cannot be undone.

Export chat

You can export the chat as an Excel document. This will capture the times, the authors, the text and the reactions of the messages and summarize them in a table.

Example Chat-Export Excel:

Open & Close the Chat Panel for all participants

After clicking the three dots next to the Chat heading, a panel option menu opens.

Here you can open and close the Chat Panel for everyone.


Open the Chat Panel in a extra window

After clicking the three dots next to the Chat heading, a panel option menu opens.

Here you are able to open the Chat Panel in a new window.

Mobile View

Within the mobile view you can find the Chat icon on the bottom menu bar. 

Note: The Dropdown-field for "All" and "Speakers only" is currently not included in this screenshot.


Further Reading

More information and descriptions of the user interface can be found here