What are surveys?

With the help of surveys, speakers can poll the participants live during the session or take votes.

Documentation for Participants and Speakers

You are in the documentation of the ORGANIZER features in the backstage, accordingly the participant and speaker functions are not documented here.

  • The Survey Feature documentation for Participants can be found here.
  • The Survey Feature documentation for Speakers can be found here.

Survey Configuration

As an organiser, you have the option of configuring surveys/voting for your events and individual breakout sessions in the settings.

In the backstage, click on "Edit event" and select "Main session settings" or "Agenda and sessions" in the navigation bar that opens.

In one of the lower settings you will find the activation of the polls.

survey settings


Under the item "Interaction", you can configure the surveys. 

Enable Surveys

By ticking "Survey active", you enable surveys in the lobby area of your event and then have further setting options in the backstage.

If you disable the surveys in the backstage, these further settings remain hidden.

Survey Overview

Survey panel activated in the event (left navigation bar):

Survey panel activated in the event (left navigation bar)

Expanded survey panel and active survey:

Expanded survey panel and active survey

Setting surveys in Stage

To set up the surveys in the stage, either quick surveys or completely new surveys can be created.

You can allow your own answers for all survey options.

Quick polls have the following options:

- Answers with Yes / No

- Answers with Yes / No / Include

- Answers with A / B / C / D

- Create your own survey


You can define your question, allow multiple selection, select the result display, edit the selection options and add new ones.

The results can be displayed in a bar chart or a Word Cloud.

Bar chart:

bar chart

Word Cloud: 

Word cloud


By ticking the "Show surveys in a pop-up window" box, participants in the Event Stage can view the survey in a pop-up window. If this function is deactivated, the surveys can only be viewed via the panel (left). This can also be opened or closed for all participants by the speaker using the three dots at the top right.

By ticking "Show vote count", participants can see the number of votes per answer choice after and during the survey in the session. If you do not tick the box, the number of votes will only be visible to speakers.

Number of votes is visible for participants:

Survey with number of Votes

Number of votes is not visible for participants: 

Survey without number of votes