What is this article about?

This article describes the execution of the event in the Stage (event interface) after the event has already been configured in the Backstage (settings interface).

In this example, an event with a session (conference) was created in the backstage. This conference should now be started.

In 6 steps through your first event

  1. Switch from the backstage to the stage of your event by clicking on the "Go to event" button.
    go to event
  2. Click on the "Change room" session that opens.
    change room
  3. Click on the session administration (tool icon) and open the room for speakers.
    open room for speaker
  4. Now the speaker can make settings for his microphone, speaker and camera in advance and test them by clicking on the "Join conference" button.
    conference settings for mic, speaker and camera
  5. If all the settings are correct, the event can be started for attendees.
    start for attendees
  6. When the event is over, the room for participants must be stoped.
    stop event