What does this article say?

This article explains how to create an event on STREAMBOXY and which general event settings should always be configured at the beginning.

What is a session?

Find the comparison between and detailed descriptions of an event, tenant and session here.

comparison between and detailed descriptions of an event, tenant and session

What is a main session?

All participants enter the main session when they enter the event via STREAMBOXY. Here you can decide whether you want to display a livestream, a conference or a content pageSessions and an agenda can be created in addition to the main session.

When can I configure the main session settings?

As soon as you have created your event in the STREAMBOXY Backstage and have set the general event properties, a navigation bar opens with further setting options.

In the linked help articles, the main session settings are described in more detail.

How do I configure the main session settings?

To get to the main session settings, click on "Main Session Settings" in the left navigation bar.

Main session settings

A window with various setting options will then open.

General main session settings

The time setting options (start and end time), which can be assigned in the main session settings, are not displayed in the stage. Thus, these can be assigned, but do not have to be.

As default setting the title of the main session is named "Lobby". This can be changed in the title bar, but the set title will only be displayed if sessions and/or an agenda has been set.

Furthermore, an additional description can be added to the main session.

Main session settings

You have the external ID from other systems like stores etc.. In the External ID line you can enter it in this field for the assignment. The field can also be used via the API interface.

Stage overview

Session type

First decide which session type your main session/lobby should have. 

You can currently choose between three types.

Main session settings independent of session type

The following setting options are identical for any selected session type.

Participant list

If you tick the box, the list of participants is visible to participants in the stage. Otherwise, the participants are only visible to presenters. 

Please note any data protection regulations of your customer.

participant list


Under Interaction, you have the option of activating various interaction tools and setting individual features.

By automatically opening the panels, individual content can be opened and highlighted as soon as you enter the event.

This is helpful at a live event, for example, to navigate participants directly to surveys or Q&A on the move.

Interaction Tools

External Tools

Detailed information on the external tools and their installation can be found here.

If you want to configure an external tool, click on "+ Add new tool".

external tool settings

Finalize main session settings

Complete the main session settings by clicking the "Update Session" button below. 

Please note that this requires you to select the session type.

Live customisation of settings

You can configure and change individual settings in the session types at any time, even live during an event.

Please note that if you have already started the session, you can only change the session type of the lobby if you reset the main session in the stage. This can be done via the left navigation bar in the stage under the item "Session settings".

stage view reset session