What does this article say?

This article explains how to create event users manually.

If you want to create multiple event users at the same time, you can also import them directly with an Excel.

Creating an event user

To create an event user, click on the "+Add" button. 


You now have two options to create an event user - either create a new user or create an existing Tenant user as an event user:  

Create new user

Enter the data of the desired person:

Existing tenant user 

If your event user has already been created as a tenant user, you can search for him in the "Existing tenant user" line. Once a match is found and you click on the appropriate tenant user, the fields will automatically populate. To remove the data of the existing tenant user, click on the cross icons to the right of the field.

Existing Tenant User

First name

Enter the first name of the person in this field. This field is optional, but is helpful when connecting external systems 

First name

Last name

Enter the person's last name in this field. This field is mandatory to fill in.

Last name


Enter the person's mail address in this field. This field is mandatory to fill in.


External key

In this field you can enter IDs from other systems (stores, etc.) for mapping.

This field can only be used via the API interface.

External key

Login method

Here you have to select the login method for the respective event user.

By default, the method configured for Tenant is selected.

Attention: Please note that the login method can only be selected during user creation. After saving once, the method can no longer be changed.

Log in  

  • Username / Password
    If you want to add a user with an existing STREAMBOXY account, enter the relevant data (first name, surname, e-mail address). This user will then receive an e-mail confirmation that the corresponding rights have been assigned. 

  • Microsoft account
    The user also receives a corresponding e-mail to log in with their existing Microsoft account.

  • Access link
    The new user receives an individual access link and can log in with this. 

Detailed information on the login method can be found here.


Decide whether the person should participate in your event as an attendee, speaker, or organizer.

You can assign different roles to event users, regardless of their event role, in individual sessions using the permissions or completely revoke their access for a specific session.


Send mail notifications

Select whether you want to notify and remind the event user to be created about the event via email.

Attention: Please note in both cases that you have to make sure to have the data protection permission to use the user's email.

For the processing of these emails, there are already different notification templates in the STREAMBOXY Backstage, which can be customized.

send notifications

If you check the "Send invitation" box, an e-mail will be sent to the specified e-mail address after the event user has been created.

The e-mail contains:

  • Event name
  • Date and time of the event
  • Access link

If you check "Send reminder email", the created event user will receive a reminder email (again) with the access link before the event.

The sending time of the reminder email can be configured in the general event settings under the item "Notification settings".

You can also add a notification template for each user, if not every event user should receive the same template.  

notification template

User settings for hybrid events 

Attention: This function can only be used with a linked ticketing program.
Tick the box if your participants have to log in to a hybrid event with a ticketing program (e.g. Passcreator) and this status must be listed both during the event in the stage and after the event in reporting.

For more information on linking a ticketing program to hybrid events, please contact our support.

on site user

Adding/ Saving the user

To finally create the event user and save the settings, click the "Add user" button below.

If a mandatory field is not filled in (mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk), a warning message will be displayed below the corresponding field. The event user will not be saved and created until all mandatory fields are filled in.

After saving and thus adding the event user, the individual access link (and if the on-site wallet pass link is selected) will appear in the same window under the previous settings.

Furthermore, a new tab "Custom Properties" appears at the top.

Individual access link

The access link is created individually for each event user. 

This is also the link that is sent in the invitation and/or reminder emails. 

You can save the access link here by clicking on the right-hand symbol in the clipboard.

Individual access link

Access link for wallet passes at hybrid events 

Attention: This function can only be used with a linked ticketing program.

The link for the onsite ticket is created individually for each event user.

This is also the link that takes the user to the stage if the ticket has already been activated.

If the ticket has not yet been activated or your tenant is not linked to a valid ticketing program, you will see an error message.

You can save the link to the onsite ticket to the clipboard by clicking on the icon on the right.

link to the onsite ticket