What does this article say? 

This article describes the integration options for gaming tools with STREAMBOXY.


STREAMBOXY offers you an interface to integrate gaming tools - either as a content page, tool or additional navigation element - directly into your event and to work on it without the user having to open additional browser windows.

What are the integration options for interaction tools? 

Integration options

content page

tool additional navigation element


via URL

via URL via URL

reproduction type

session type


panel, full screen-Panel, separate browser window separate browser window, content page

Session- und Interaction usage

own session type


panel as an Overlay (possible during a active session) content page or separate browser window

  1. Go to your desired event in your STREAMBOXY Tenant or create a new event on the "+".
  2. Now you have the choice whether your gaming tool should be integrated either in your lobby (main session), in one of your agenda items, as an additional navigation element or as a tool.
  3. Insert the URL of your tool in the respective URL line and save it.

Now you can interact with your participants in the stage of your event after opening the room in your tool.


Examples of integrations in STREAMBOXY

A few selected gaming tools that can be easily integrated into STREAMBOXY are described below. Here you have no limits. If you have any individual requests, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you to implement your individual event and ideas.

The following tools will be presented:

  • ePlayces
  • Kahoot
  • Gartic Phone

ePlaces Integration:

With ePlayces you have found your competent contact for serious games in HR! Serious Gaming helps you increase the visibility of your employer brand and thus attract the attention of convincing candidates. This gives you the opportunity to choose from a larger pool of qualified applicants and to find the best person for the vacant position.

ePlaces Integration:

Kahoot! Integration:

Kahoot! is a learning platform that aims to encourage employees to learn and thereby increase the workflow. It offers a way to integrate interactive media into everyday work.

Kahoot! Integration

Gartic Phone Integration:

In the online game Gartic Phone - as in the silent mail - a term or a sentence is passed from player to player. The information is passed on as a drawing as with Montagsmaler. Most of the time, the players stay in touch via a conference, which can be directly integrated via STREAMBOXY.

Gartic Phone Integration: