Whats in this article?

This article describes how to send a STREAMBOXY Conference participant to a live control room via Teams Interoperability with NDI.

What`s NDI?

NDI (Nework Device Interface) is a royalty-free video over IP transmission protocol developed by NewTek. NDI was designed to enable compatible devices to share lightly compressed high-bandwidth video, along with audio and metadata across over IP networks for broadcast contribution and production.

Overview of possible setup

Technical requirements

  1. Enable NDI in your Teams tenant (see NDI doc or Microsoft Teams doc).
  2. In your Teams settings, go to your Notification settings. There you can activate NDI under production functions.

How can I include a STREAMBOXY Conference user in my control room?

  1. Create a STREAMBOXY event with a conference or go to the event settings of an already created event
  2. In your Main Session or Agenda Session settings, you can create a "Conference" with a Teams Interoperability under Session Types.

  3. Start your team meeting to be able to start the event at STREAMBOXY for the participants

  4. Start the NDI broadcast in the Teams settings.

  5. The individual participants of the team meeting are now available as an NDI source in the network. These can now be used e.g. with OBS (NDI plugin is required):