What does that article say?

This article describes and explains what a STREAMBOXY template is and what configurations can be made.

What is a template?

A template can be selected in several places in the STREAMBOXY platform. These are pre-implemented pages that communicate with the platform and thus enable individualisation, e.g. of the posters.

Poster with countdown

If you select "Poster with countdown", a countdown to the start time of your event will be generated automatically. The background can be adapted independently. Each participant is personally welcomed ("Welcome "Name of participant") and the title of the event is mentioned ("at "Name of event").

For detailed information about the configuration and the code to build your individual poster, please click here

Poster with countdown

Example poster with countdown (the name of the participant here is "Admin"; the title of the event is "Test"). The event will start at this time in 15 hours, 18 minutes and 33 seconds.

Session Scheduler

Select "Session Scheduler" in the dropdown under "Template", then a session scheduler will appear in the appropriate status on the screen. A session scheduler lets you add the relevant agenda item as an entry to your calendar.

For this reason, it is advisable to create the session scheduler either in the main session or as an additional navigation element.


For a session scheduler you first need a STREAMBOXY event with different sessions, which can then be displayed in the custom agenda.


It is important that the visibility is configured for "registered users" or "anonymous users" in the portal settings of each event and session.

If you enter the correct URL on the content page, the sessions will appear in your custom agenda.


In order to include the custom agenda in STREAMBOXY, you need to include the STREAMBOXY URL placeholders as query parameters in the custom agenda URL.

You need the following URL parameters:


  • userToken
  • tenantId
  • eventId


You can find an example here: https://samples.streamboxy.com/custom-agenda?token={{userToken}}&tenantId={{tenantId}}&eventId={{eventId}}

This example URL could be pasted into a URL input field of a content page in STREAMBOXY.


Example stage with session planner from the participant's point of view:

With the help of the session scheduler, participants can now save the various sessions as entries in their personal calendar and/or add the corresponding session to their personal (customizable) agenda. In this way, participants can put together their own individual agenda.

You can find out how to create the respective sessions in our documentation article agenda and sessions and session image.

Example stage with session planner from the participant's point of view:

Example Session Scheduler in STREAMBOXY Stage

Example download session as calendar entry: 

Example download session as calendar entry:

Example add session to the personal agenda: 

Example add session to the personal agenda:

After you have added the session to your personal agenda, the session appears in your agenda and you have the following further options. You can remove the session from your agenda by clicking on the "x". 

X symbol

If you want to switch directly to this session (breakout session), click on the arrow symbol. 

Change the room