What is the Document Exchange?

With the documents exchange feature you can easily provide the participants of your event with relevant documents such as a transcript, presentations slides, participation certificate etc.

Documents can be configured for each session of your event individually. You can also define in which state (before, during, after session) your documents are available.

Participant and Organizer Features

You are currently viewing the SPEAKER Features documentation. Participant and organizer features are not described here.

  • The documentation of the participant features can be found here.

  • The documentation of the organizer features can be found here.

Speaker Features

Open the Documents Panel

You can open the documents panel by clicken the Documents Icon in the left menu.

If you can't see the Icon, it might be disabled for your session by the organizer.

Document stage


For Speakers, the content and the functionality of the panel is almost identical to the participants panel, with one difference - the documents are grouped depending on the availability (available before, during and after session).

Docs overview

Upload Documents

By Clicking the "Add Document" button a new dialog will open.

add document


In this dialog you can upload documents. Documents can be Uploaded via "Drag-And-Drop" or with click on the button "Drag document here".You will then be redirected to your workspace. Here you choose a file which is then uploaded.


drag document zone

After you've selected a file, you can provide it with a name which will be shown to the participants and also define if the file should be available before, during or after the event. At least one option has to be chosen. With a final click on "Upload" the document will be uploaded.

document settings

When the document has successfully been uploaded, you will receive a short notification in the bottom right corner of your screen.

document uploaded

Finally you see your document in the Filelist.
Please note that the same file can be shown up to three times: before, during and after event. That is actually the same file which is configured to be available in multiple event states. 

So if you delete the file in any state, it will be deleted for every state.

Download a Document

As Speaker you are able to download a document in every state.

Download docs

Edit a Document

You can edit already uploaded documents in order to change the Title and availability.

Click on Edit

edit docs

Change Title and availability accordingly

docs availability

Delete a Document

A document can also be deleted completly.

delete doc

Further information

Further information and detailed descriptions of the speakers' user interface can be found here.

Further information and detailed descriptions of the participants' user interface can be found here.