What is this article about?

This article explains how to create a simple webinar event on STREAMBOXY.

A conference is set up as a main session with user self-registration.

With a few clicks to your first webinar

Conference as main session

  1. Log in with your STREAMBOXY account in the backstage. The login page can be found in the upper left corner of the STREAMBOXY homepage.
  2. Create a new event under "Add".
    Add event
  3. Give your webinar a title, a start and end time and first select the "Test Event" billing type. Your event will not be billed as a "test event", but participants are limited to five users.
    Event creation overview
  4. Create your webinar with the button "Create event".
  5. Now select the session type "Conference" under the main session settings and add your desired settings for participant authorization, tile settings, conference recording and, if necessary, the integration of a team interoperability. Save your settings under "Update session".
    Conference settings
  6. Make additional settings for your event, such as the agenda, the styling or the session posters.

User Sign-Up

  1. In order to enable your participants to register themselves for your webinar, go to "User Sign-Up" in the event settings of your already created webinar, check the Enable user self-registration box and save your settings.
  2. It automatically generates your registration link and an embed code.
    Allow user registration
  3. Make all settings for the configuration and in the form editor. You can find more information about the respective setting options in the documentation article of the user sign-up.
  4. You can now publish the registration link so that your participants can register for your webinar.