What are hybrid events?

Hybrid events combine physical face-to-face events with a virtual online component. This allows people to take part in the event either in person at a specific location or remotely via the internet.

Formats of hybrid events:

  • Conferences
  • workshops
  • trade fairs
  • product presentations
  • seminars

How can digital events be realised in STREAMBOXY?

As every event should be customised, there is no ‘set way’ to set up a digital event.

However, there are various components that must be included in every digital event.

Participant management

If an event is organised digitally, the participants must also be given access to the digital event. In STREAMBOXY there are various ways in which participants can be added to your event. We have summarised them all for you in the attendee management overview.

Participant management also includes contacting participants. It is possible to create individualised emails for your attendees in our Content Manager and send them via the event notification settings. This is not only possible via the email server already included in STREAMBOXY, but can also be sent using your own SMTP mail server.

Customised QR codes or wallet passes can be created and sent with our partner Passcreator
Wallet Pass mit PasscreatorWallet passes with PasscreatorThese enable on-site scanning and also contain an individual access link to the digital event, for example to take part in surveys or the Q&A. Hybrid participants are also labelled separately in the attendance export and in the speaker view in the stage

The already registered participants can be flexibly managed in the event user overview. It is also possible to manually mark participants as on-site participants.

We have summarised any queries your participants may have about using STREAMBOXY in our participant documentation.

Session types

In STREAMBOXY there are three event types that can be integrated into your digital event. You have the option of creating livestreams (one to many format), conferences (many to many) or content pages in your events and combining them by using subsessions.

Event components in addition to the session type

In addition to the session type, further content can be positioned in your event. These can either be internal or external interaction tools or added as additional menu items

Individualise digital events

In STREAMBOXY, your digital events can be customised for you with the following content:

The following features can be customised in Passcreator:

  • Templates
  • Validation
  • Distribution channels
  • Notifications
  • Integrations
  • Payment

If you have any further questions about the design of your digital event, please contact us with your requirements.