From the start...

No matter which event - in 5 steps you will get your individual solution with STREAMBOXY.  

5 key questions

1. What format should the event have?

  • Event for interactive exchange - STREAMBOXY conference and integration of any tools
    Do you want to use your event for interactive exchange, do you want participants to communicate directly with each other and use collaboration and cooperation?
    Then use the STREAMBOXY conference for direct exchange between participants via webcam and screen sharing. Chat, polls and Q&A can be used in parallel. Any external interaction and collaboration tools can also be integrated into STREAMBOXY. Collaboration is in the focus of the conference format.

  • Event for presentations - STREAMBOXY livestream and content page
    Do you need a platform to share panel discussions, the annual general meeting, speeches, etc. with your audience?
    Then use the STREAMBOXY Livestream function and present content in a simple way with additional options such as video on demand or transcription. In doing so, the livestream can be sent to thousands of viewers in front of their screens.
    In addition, you can use the STREAMBOXY content page to display a wide variety of content via a website or embed images to provide your participants with the information they need.

  • Event with mixed formats - agenda with different breakout sessions
    Are you planning a complex event with a variety of speakers, livestreams, interactive discussion sessions, collaboration and content presentation?
    Simply combine both formats and navigate your participants through a structured, clear agenda with possible integrated breakout sessions. An overview of all session types is available here. Combine all your desired functions and thus unleash the power of STREAMBOXY to create each event uniquely and tailored to your wishes.
    event formats

2. How do the participants get to the event?

STREAMBOXY again offers several options for all components of participant management to meet your needs in every respect. 

  • Individually
    You can create your participants individually and assign them different roles or access rights. This method is very useful if you are planning an event with fewer participants or want to add individual people shortly before or during the event.

  • Import
    If you have already created a list of participants, you can easily and automatically transfer it to the event user list in STREAMBOXY. Especially if you have a large number of participants, importing saves you an enormous amount of time and effort.

  • Self-Signup
    With this function you can let interested people register themselves for the event. Create the registration page with just a few clicks and design it in your own branding. Interested parties can now sign up themselves and receive their access in the way you have chosen. 

  • Portals
    Do you already use a CRM tool in your company? Simply synchronise contacts from your CRM tool with STREAMBOXY or let people register for the desired event themselves via portals.

    participant ways to the event

3. What should the event look like?

You can customize any component of the event to match your branding and CI.  

  • Email Branding
    Edit or create email templates in your look & feel that can be sent to your participants on various occasions - invitations for speakers or participants, reminders, follow-up emails. You can draw attention to your brand and branding in advance of your event.

  • Stage Branding
    Design your event in your own corporate colours. Background, font, hover and accent colours are all customisable. You can also use customised fonts for your event title, headlines, agenda and other text elements. With two clicks, you can also customise the logo, favicon and page title for the tab.

  • Logo, header & Co.
    Integrate your own logo, colours and fonts into your STREAMBOXY environment and event. There are no limits to the design possibilities in the header.

  • Onboarding and user registration
    With STREAMBOXY you can design your individual onboarding pages and user registration. Let the participants dive into your individual event world even before the event.

  • 100% Whitelabelling
    Adapt the interface to your corporate identity down to the last detail, up to a complete whitelabel solution with your own URL and mail delivery addresses.

    design samples

4. How can complete data protection be communicated?

An important component in the implementation of online and hybrid events is data protection. Data protection is our top priority. As a GDPR-compliant and TISAX-certified company, data protection is a fundamental component of our product. In order to provide your participants with full transparency on data protection, you have the following options:

  • Store an individual data protection declaration
    If you have your own privacy policy and terms and conditions, you can store them in STREAMBOXY. Participants can then access them in the stage.

  • Use STREAMBOXY's standard data protection declaration
    If you do not have your own privacy policy, you can provide your participants with STREAMBOXY's standard privacy policy and standard terms and conditions.

    data protecion

5. How is a smooth running of the event guaranteed?

Dry runs are essential to ensure that everything runs smoothly at the event. This is the case for both presence events and online and especially for hybrid events. With STREAMBOXY you can test your event, the settings and configurations in the stage and backstage as often as you like before your event and thus offer your participants a perfect and unique event.

  • First experience with STREAMBOXY
    You want to see STREAMBOXY live and in action before you decide on a platform. Then you can do a test demo here, free of charge and without obligation.
    >>> Click here for the demo <<<

  • Test your event before the final day
    You have created an event via STREAMBOXY and now want to brief your speakers and staff as well as offer a smooth event for your participants? Then test all functions and settings as often as you like before your event.

    stage sample