What is this article about?

This article explains how to create a livestream event with sessions on STREAMBOXY.

The creation of

With a few clicks to your first live stream event

Create live stream event

  1. Log in with your STREAMBOXY account in the backstage. The login page can be found in the upper left corner of the STREAMBOXY homepage.
  2. Create a new event under "Add".
    Add event
  3. Give your webinar a title, a start and end time and first select the "Test Event" billing type. Your event will not be billed as a "test event", but participants are limited to five users.
    Event creation overview
  4. Create your webinar with the button "Create event".
  5. Now select the session type "Conference" under the main session settings and add your desired settings for participant authorization, tile settings, conference recording and, if necessary, the integration of a team interoperability. Save your settings under "Update session".
    Conference settings
  6. Safe your settings.

Add agenda items and sessions

  1. Go to "Agenda and Sessions" in your event settings.
  2. Click on "Add agenda item" and assign a title and a start and end time. Save your agenda item with "Confirm".
    New agenda item
  3. Click on "Add session" and enter a title, a start and end time and a session type. Save your session with "Confirm".
    Session Sessings

Integration of a Q&A

  1. The Q&A can be added to your main session as well as to your sessions. Go to the settings of the desired room and scroll to the "Interaction" item.
  2. Make the selection there for "Q&A" and add the "Q&A placement".
    interaction settings
  3. Save your Q&A under "Confirm".


  1. Go to "Appearance" in your event settings.
  2. Add the colors, your CI fonts, your event logo as png, your individual header, your own favicon for your event and, if desired, your onboarding and user sign-up via html.
  3. Save your settings.


  1. A room system is used at your event with STREMABOXY. Each of your event rooms (main session and each session) has the following status during the event:
    1. Planned
    2. Open to speakers (before the start of the event)
    3. Open to attendees (event ongoing)
    4. Completed
  2. In your event settings, go to "Poster" to customize the posters for the main session and for all sessions.
  3. Choose your desired poster format or one of our templates and save it.
    Poster for all events
  4. If you would like to post an individual poster in a session, go to "Agenda and Sessions" and edit the relevant session there.
  5. There you will find the option to adjust the posters for each individual session under "Adjust posters".
    poster session

User Sign-Up

  1. In order to enable your participants to register themselves for your webinar, go to "User Sign-Up" in the event settings of your already created webinar, check the Enable user self-registration box and save your settings.
  2. It automatically generates your registration link and an embed code.
    Allow user registration
  3. Make all settings for the configuration and in the form editor. You can find more information about the respective setting options in the documentation article of the user sign-up.
  4. You can now publish the registration link so that your participants can register for your webinar.

Registration of a user

  1. If you have now published the registration link, the participants can register themselves. The registration form shown in the example image contains the red notice that the event is still in the "Test Event" billing type and that the participant limit is therefore activated. As soon as the event is set to "subject to a fee", this notice disappears.
    participant registration
  2. The information to be requested by STREAMBOXY as a mandatory field is the name and the email address. You can add all other custom properties that are to be queried in the form editor settings of the user self signup.
    Custom Properties
  3. If your participant has now successfully registered, you will receive this he sends the template email or the invitation email you set up in advance with his personal access link to the event.
    Registration done
  4. You can view and manage the registered participants in the event user overview.
    Event user view

Adding a speaker

There are two ways to add a speaker for your event.

  1. Create your speakers manually under "Add" in your event user settings.
    Add speaker
  2. Create several speakers at the same time as an Excel import under "Import". A template for the Excel import can be found on the right.
    User import

Setting up a follow up show email

  1. To set up a follow up show email, go to your tenant settings on notification templates and add a follow up show notification template in the appropriate language.
    custom mail templates
  2. If desired, you can also adapt them to your CI and wording accordingly.
    Editor notification templates
  3. Now go back to your event settings and activate the Follow Up Show email notification in the set language.
    Attention: All mail templates for an event must be created with the same language / custom X in order to be able to send them automatically.
    Automate mailing